A Personal Tour to Nutanix Prism: Day 6 – The Pathfinder

Search in machine data

In day 5, I showed you how to get a better view of your IT infrastructure by setting up a dashboard without introducing any complexity. Today, you will learn how to narrow down the troubled resource by a few keystrokes.

In every data center I have visited, administrators have their screens filled with charts and tables. Administrators use them to monitor environments, manage resources, and troubleshoot problems. Charts and tables are crucial for finding and analyzing information. Recently, more and more administrators told me they are overwhelmed by information they need to analyze. What has happened?

A general trend has occurred in data centers in recent years. The infrastructure becomes distributed. The workloads become dynamic. The administrators have to manage more resources every year. They now face a large amount of moving parts in the modern data center. How to operate, monitor, and assure the quality of all these dynamic resources and workloads is one challenge administrators are facing today.

The traditional hierarchical folder tree or tables can’t keep up with a dynamic and ever-sprawling environment. Unless you know where the resource is, you will find it is hard to locate and navigate to it so you can operate.

Even more challenging, you are facing a big haystack of alerts, metrics, and configurations, produced by the vast amount of resource entities and VMs. It is difficult to find the needle in this haystack for your troubleshooting. This is troublesome. It prolongs the time for you to isolate the root cause and reduces the chance for you to assure high quality of your IT services. It impacts your business.

Outside of your work life, the search technology is the leading solution for consumers to find information in a mass amount of data. A search is a perfect tool for you to seek information and overcome those challenges. We here in Nutanix believe the search is how you should access the IT data and is the door entering the future of the IT management. In its full potential, the search not only lets you find the resource and execute your task faster but also gives you a quick route to isolate the problem and shorten the service disruption time.

It is a long journey to build an intelligence search tool that is powered by machine learning technology. But that’s what the team here is working on days, nights, and weekends. Last year, Prism reaches the first milestone of this journey. The video below shows how you can search alerts and find hidden issues using this new Prism Search. I will have more blogs to talk about the technology behind it.

Next week, we will enter the world of machine learning. In the meantime, you can check out other blogs in this series.

Disclaimer: This blog is personal and reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of Nutanix. It has not been reviewed nor approved by Nutanix.


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