A Personal Tour to Nutanix Prism: Day 5 – A Better View

Many of our customers have asked us to give them more insights to help increase the efficiency of operations.  To leverage all the machine data Prism collects, we have developed features in Prism to improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary capital spending, and ensure service quality in an enterprise cloud data center. The result is the two upper floors that combine personalized insights and intelligent operations to simplify your IT operations. No one has ever seen such combination in the IT management world.

Today I will guide you to visit the first room on the 2nd floor. As the first blog of this series points out, the hyper-convergence gives us the unprecedented visibility of metrics, alerts, and configuration from storage all the way to VMs. There are lots of insights you can derive from these data. The challenge is that different roles in the data center are interested in different aspects of that. For example, an admin may be interested in performance metrics and alerts, while a manager may be interested in the capacity consumption and efficiency. One way to suit the data to the viewer’s needs is through the dashboard.

The dashboard feature in many IT management tools is complicated. It often requires professional services to build the dashboards. Seriously? You need a professional service to build the dashboards?

Simplicity is our guiding principle when we build anything inside Prism. The dashboard is no exception. The video below shows you how you can create a dashboard in a minute and how you can customize it reading no manual.

Today you stepped into the “Pro” floors. The 2nd and the 3rd floor host the ever-expanding numbers of rooms you can get keys into Prism Pro. We are rapidly adding new pieces of furniture and new rooms on these two floors. Next week, we will stop by the next room – the pathfinder, a room lets you easily find what you are looking for.

You can find the list of blogs in this series here.

Disclaimer: This blog is personal and reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of Nutanix. It has not been reviewed nor approved by Nutanix.


2 thoughts on “A Personal Tour to Nutanix Prism: Day 5 – A Better View

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