A Personal Tour to Nutanix Prism: Day 3 – the Grand Hall

In my last post, we spent the time to check out the Prscreen-shot-2016-12-19-at-1-43-08-pmism Element, the interface built within the cluster. Today, we will enter the 2nd room where you can view all your Nutanix infrastructure in one place.

One of the beautiful things about Nutanix is that once you touch it, you will love it. Once our customers put their first workload into a Nutanix cluster, they will quickly realize that they are experiencing the unprecedented simplicity without compromising the performance. It creates a drastic different experience from the existing legacy infrastructure. As a result, most of our customers have expanded Nutanix-powered infrastructure in their data centers. Managing an increasing number of Nutanix nodes and clusters, customers have a growing need to manage from a single entry point.

About three years ago, we released a centralized interface to offer that ability. We call that interface as Prism Central. While Prism Element will remain our in-cluster interface, we expect Prism Central to be your default single entry point. The Prism Central is our grand hall that everyone will get the full power of Prism in one place.


You can access a rich set of features in Prism Central. Those features give exciting capabilities and experiences you can hardly find elsewhere. They are defining the future of the data center management. Today, I will focus on features that offer centralized view and configuration in Prism Central. I will cover much more when we step on the 2nd and 3rd floor in next few weeks.

When you log into the Prism Central, the first thing you see is a new home page. It is based on the customizable dashboard you will visit in room 201. I will cover that in more details when we visit that room.

Prism Central Home Page

However, I will show you a quick trick here. You can launch a Prism Element directly on this page. Check the video below.

One thing you will realize is that the top menu here differs slightly from Prism Element. Instead of using a drop-down menu for different pages, Prism Central eliminates them with the help of the explorer. Below is a video that shows you many things you can do in the explorer.

Alert and Analysis pages in Prism Central has the same look and feel as they in Prism Element.

Prism Central is not only the interface for you to view all your Nutanix clusters in a single location, but also the place you can control and configure them. Here is an excellent example of the central configuration. In the past, you have to set up your alert policy and email notification in each cluster. Now, you can do all these configurations without leaving Prism Central. The video below shows how to do it.

Coming up, you will step into one of the most popular rooms in Prism – room 103, one-click upgrade.

You can find the list of blogs in this series here.

Disclaimer: This blog is personal and reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of Nutanix. It has not been reviewed nor approved by Nutanix.


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