A Personal Tour to Nutanix Prism: Day 1 – The Prism Building

From the early day of Nutanix, we determined to change the experience how the IT team interacts with the infrastructure and its management tools. As we were building the Acropolis, we have spent significant time to define a user experience that reflects not only in a consumer-grade UI but also a streamlined workflow. That is the start of Prism. Seven years later, Nutanix has not only built a beautiful infrastructure management tool but also injected personalized insights and machine intelligence to transform Prism into a data center operations management platform.

The Prism building

The Prism PictureOne way to explain Prism is to think it as a magnificent buildingNutanix spent first five years to build a solid foundation and the first floor that since became the major attraction of the building. In last two years, we have been adding 2nd and 3rd floors that make the Prism building a landmark in the town. In next few weeks, I will be your personal tour guide to this building. Each blog focuses on one roomI will use visuals and videos to give you a front-seat view on what you can experience in Prism. As we continue to innovate and add new features in the roomnew rooms on the floor, and even new floorsI will extend the series whenever those updates happen.

The foundation

Prism uses the same distributed architecture that allows seamless scale-out and zero downtime. My colleague Steven Poitras wrote a book,  the Nutanix Bible, that details how this architecture works. This book is a must-read for those who want to grasp the way Nutanix products work. Prism, as a gateway to the software-defined data center, provides a rich set of APIs for admins and other ecosystem tools to leverage the data and intelligence that Prism offers.

The 1st floor

Prism 1st floorThe first floor has been the main attraction of the Prism building since the start of Nutanix. It includes three rooms for now. The room 101, the single cluster management, is where the Prism started. It provides the management of the cluster, including storage management and VM management. The next room, 102,  is centralized view and configuration. This room is where you can manage 100s clusters just like managing one cluster. The 3rd room, 103,  of the first floor is one of the most popular rooms. It allows you to get new features from us to make your infrastructure more powerful and smarter as the time goes by.

The 2nd floor

The 2nd floor is relatively new. We started the construction about two years ago. Since Prism has a very solid foundation and its core on the first floor, during this two years, we added not only this floor but also a floor above. These two floors give the “Pro” access of the smartness that Prism can offer.

The Prism 2nd floorThe 2nd floor is all about personalized insights. As the control plane of the hyper-convergence infrastructurePrism collects a vast amount of infrastructure configuration and operations machine data. Not to leverage these data will be a waste we cannot afford. The first room, 201, is the customized dashboard. Just like everything we build, simplicity is our guiding principle. You will experience that in this room a few weeks from now. If the first room is to let you see the data, the room 202 is to let you see the insights within it. Prism Search is an industry-first innovative way for you to access the management and to sift through a large amount of information to narrow down a problem quickly.

The 3rd floor

The Prism 3rd floorWe are entering the machine intelligence. This floor is built on top of an intelligent layer powered by X-fit technology. One-click planning in room 301 uses X-fit to understand how your workload consumes the resources and when you need to optimize and expand. If you want a cloud-like experience (a.k.a. pay as you grow) in the data center, you will be amazed how you will enjoy in this room. We are busy building new on this floorI will invite you back soon once we have other rooms ready.

Now, you have the layout of this magnificent building. Next week, I will give you a tour to the room of cluster management  – the starting point.

Day 2 – Where It Started: Room 101, Full-stack Cluster Management

Day 3 – The Grand Hall: Room 102, the Centralized View and Configuration

Day 4 – The Amber Room: Room 103, One-click Upgrade

Day 5 – A Better View: Room 201, Customizable Dashboard

Day 6 – The Pathfinder: Room 202, Prism Search

Day 7 – The Intelligence – X-Fit

Day 8 – The Lookout – Room 301, One-click Planning Part I

Day 9 – The Planner – Room 301, One-click Planning Part II

Day 10 – The Self-Service (Spring 2017)

Day 11 – The Night Watch (Spring 2017)

Disclaimer: This blog is personal and reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of Nutanix. It has not been reviewed nor approved by Nutanix.

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