What Can We Expect from VMworld 2011?

This is the first time that I actually write a blog during a flight. I am in a route to the sin city. But I am not in a mood to give out the money to the house (I am sure you know that not many games in Vegas give you the edge). I am heading to VMworld.

Looking outside of the window, all I can see is the clear sky and the desert. No cloud. But I can hear people are chanting “cloud! cloud!” at the horizon. I am sure cloud will be a big theme in this VMworld. But we have talked about cloud for a while. What will be new this time?

In last year’s VMworld and cloud expo, my general sense was that people started to understand the concept. But few had implemented. In last several months, I felt the momentum when I got many inquiries from our customers on very specific questions   On building and running the cloud. Thanks for the social media, the education cycle of any new technology phenomenon becomes short than ever. Customers become much more intelligent even than many vendors. Cloud washing no longer works.

So what can we expect from VMworld? Any new announcement from VMware? Are industry still focusing on cloud provisioning and orchestration? How will cloud customers think about or practice operations management? Any other new trend are coming out? We will find out this week.


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