Enterprise IT Put Their Eye On Cloud Operations Management Solutions

Every year, we have several customer advisory meetings where we meet a group of our customers to share our progress and vision, but most importantly to seek valuable feedback from them on whether we are addressing their biggest challenges in our coming releases.

Last time, when we asked members of advisory board what would they like to hear, by large margin, they told us that they want to understand how cloud will impact the ways, the processes, and the tools they are going to use to operate the IT.

Today, we will meet again. And we will explain how the elasticity, the responsiveness, and the efficiency of the cloud  will require an evolved cloud operations management solutions. This will also be a good opportunity for me to share our vision and explore several areas that we are making big push. But most interestingly, I will conduct a survey so that we can do a simplified conjoint analysis to really gauge the real value of those areas in terms of how they solve the customer challenges in the cloud operations and how much benefits from customer’s perspective.

To prepare the meeting, we did a short survey. We found that the cloud adoption rate is very much inline with the data published by other vendors or analysts. In our case, about 50% reported they are either have a cloud in production or in POC. Another 25% will consider that within one year.  The latest hiring stats seems to conform with that as well. Many of those reported doing cloud in our survey also indicated they are using operations tools. Some of them use the tools they are already using in the traditional data center environment. Some of them are looking for cloud specific solutions. Nevertheless, almost all of them told us that they are looking for a single pane of glass that will give them the whole picture of the cloud, including data and actionable process in performance, availability, and capacity. We are going to find more when I got a chance to discuss these points with customers in the meeting. I am excited and looking forward to it.


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