Flying With the Jet Stream

Clouds along a jet stream. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons/NASA)

Last year, when I flew back from Shanghai to San Francisco Bay Area, I looked outside through the window and saw there are  beautiful clouds under the wing of our plane. It looked so quietly and peacefully. What I didn’t see was that we were actually flying with a jet stream that gave us 3 hours faster compared to flying east bound to Shanghai. Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow air currents. For an average person, you probably won’t see it using your eyes. But your life will be affected by it. It not only affects your flight, but also it has tremendous impact on the climate.

We are in a very similar situation with the Cloud computing. The end user will see the Cloud as a mast amount of services that can be used any time. It is quite convenient. But inside the Cloud, providers and administrators face constant challenges on how to manage a dynamically changing and large amount of resources to not only offer the service but also ensure the availability and quality of them efficiently. In BMC, we have a team of extremely passionate people working on solutions to help administrators manage the operations of their cloud environment. And this is the blog that a team of us, including product management and architects,  will contribute frequently to share our thoughts and visions with you. We also, from time to time, invite our guest authors such as from CTO office. We want to share our joys and challenges as part of our journey.  We want to know your ideas and arguments,whether you are practicing the Cloud, exploring the possibility, or, just like us, developing solutions to make Cloud computing really meeting its promise.

At the end of day, whether we are customers, competitors, or vendors, we are all impacted dramatically and positively by the Cloud computing. So let’s the journey begin.


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